Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New uproar over "camelcide"

The outcry against camel culling continues with this latest news from the Northern Territory...

Camel-lovers boycott "Third World Australia"

UK RESIDENTS outraged by plans to cull some 6000 camels are warning other Europeans against visiting Australia. Online discussion forums, which describe Australia as a Third World country, have been running hot since it was revealed last week that residents in a small central Australian community were being held hostage by a herd of thirsty, marauding camels.

The Northern Territory government announced last week it would conduct an emergency cull of some 6000 feral camels at a cost of $49,000. NT Local Government Minister Rob Knight has since received hate mail from around the world.

Docker River, 500km south west of Alice Springs, has been inundated by thousands of wild camels in recent weeks. As well as smashing water infrastructure in their hunt for moisture, the quality of drinking water in the town is being threatened by the decaying bodies of camels that have been trampled by their herd. (Follow link above for the rest of the article)

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