Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas

Tomorrow will be only the second time I've not spent Christmas at home. The year before last it was a smashing evening on a rooftop in Dhaka, this year, it will be a quiet morning in Tripoli, followed by a bus trip down to Beirut (which hopefully won't take 4 hours like other people have experienced recently) and then a short flight to Cairo.

Christmas for me means hot weather, swimming in the pool, prawns and cold meats for lunch, and a stocking that always includes gold chocolate coins, Pringles and Terry's orange chocolate. This year, most of those things won't be happening. Sure, I can pick up some Pringles at the little shop across the street, but it's not quite the same if it's not coming out of a red and white striped stocking. A few days ago, it was freezing here, it felt like there could be snow in Tripoli at any second (though I don't think it ever actually snows here). But now the weather had changed (again), and it's relatively warm and sunny. The compound is practically empty and we only have to work till 12 today...though it's obvious that basically everyone has been slacking off the past couple of days.

It feels like Christmas! :-)

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