Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm very sorry for the lack of interesting posts lately, I've been busy at work trying to write an overall report on the progress of the third appeal that was launched over 2 years ago following the destruction of Nahr el-Bared. Which involves finding out what's happened in some 20+ projects and compiling that in a concise and attractive manner. And while doing that, freezing my tush off as the air conditioner in our office broke at least 2 months ago. It's usually warmer outside of the container than in, so I've temporarily moved into the M&E Unit which has a number of benefits: (A) they have functioning heating and lighting, (B) they're my friends, (C) the kitties hang out in the office which provides extra lap warmth, (D) there's more light on this side of the compound so it's not as depressing.

I'm not quite counting down the days till Christmas yet, I'm not very excited about Christmas itself, but will be flying to Cairo on Christmas night for a few days of adventuring, which is exciting!

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