Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super duper special anniversary shout out

Today is an anniversary of sorts for me. For the past two years, I've had the pleasure of being with someone who knows what I want, who's smart and goofy and completely modest.

It's me!!

When I wrote on my old blog two years ago about how I didn't know how I'd get through certain hurdles alone, I mentioned a few specific things:
- Who do I bore with my mundane complaints about my work?
Answer: the most wonderful housemates I've had so far. Lesson: it pays to have housemates who are intelligent, funny and fantastic women, so shout outs to Tania, Lily, Cathy, Monica, Emma, Nicole and Yassmin (Ahmed only gets a small mention because he's not an awesome woman and he doesn't like hearing me bitch about work).
- Who will help me with my tax?
Answer: no one, I've been quite capable of doing it all on my own and getting actual tax returns for a change! Lesson: barring the question "what is your occupation" e-tax isn't that scary.
- Who will make the cheese sauce for the lasagna?
Answer: it's not always perfect, but I've managed to whip up a bechamel sauce once or twice.

These little examples pretty much sum up how the single life has changed me. I know what I'm capable of, I know what I want from life as an individual. Since I've only had myself to worry about, I've worked in three countries, I've visited 17 countries (and about to add an 18th), I've made amazing new friends, and I've attempted to learn two languages (I did quite well with Bangla, we'll see how the Arabic goes...). Throughout all this, there have been certain moments where I've been struck how fantastic life is when you make the most of it on your own, and when you do the things you've always wanted to do, the way you want to do them.

Of course, I'm not saying that you can't do these things when you're in a relationship, but there's a certain freedom about being single that I've embraced and relished in. When I think back to this day two years ago and remember how absolutely retched I was, how absolutely pitiful I was, I can only hold my head higher and think how it's made me the stronger person I am today.

So, a special shout out to me, for recognising my strengths (and weaknesses) and embracing what life has to offer.


  1. happy anniversary carly :)

    though seriously, what's so hard about bechemel? white sauce + nutmeg and parmesan. use a whisk if you must, take it off the heat before adding the cheese. c'mon! (that was a leyton style cmon btw, complete with weird salute thingy)

  2. "ARE YOU BLIND?" (that was John McEnroe style)I did say it's not perfect, not that I can't do it at all...it's the white sauce part that troubles me; the whole butter and flour mixing without burning or lumpiness.

  3. ah, white sauce, ye olde enemy. i find low heat and a wooden spoon are the perfect combination to getting the butter and flour just right. but i'm sure you already know this.

    unfortunately i'm can't sign off boris becker style (shagging a model in the broom closet)so maybe i'll just do the poo and skulk off into my room.