Saturday, November 7, 2009

Plie, chasse, grapevine, brraaaaiiiiiinnnnsssssss

I just checked my analytics to see how the traffic to the blog has been of late (down 16.89%, though One Year in Bangers is up 80%!!) and to see which sites people have been referred from, or what search terms they used (nothing is sacred on the interwebs!)

While "chasing carly" and "chasingscarly.blogspot" (to the 58 visits that did this - you could just type that into your address bar instead of google and find me a lot quicker!) remain the top two search terms, the third place is a bit of a concern.

3 people have visited the site (or perhaps it's the same person three times) after searching for "cannibal jazzercise classes".

Sure enough, if you type that into google, this blog is indeed the first one to appear. Now I'm wondering why on earth these words would be searched for together, and am imagining a very interesting jazzercise class...

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