Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Shameful Arabic: resolution

Yesterday's post about my lack of Arabic was somewhat prophetic. It was inspired by a post from Tales from the Hood, about those foreigners that like to make out that they're "from" the place they're working. When you bring that down a notch, it means learning what you can of the language (I remembered a few words I forgot to include in yesterday's list) and dressing appropriately.

Well, I'm taking the much belated first step of learning Arabic with my first lesson tomorrow evening. Yea! I will not, however, be doing my best to dress like the locals here...even in Tripoli, a conservative city, (or in Nahr el-Bared) most of the young women I see around here wear skin tight pants and equally tight tops. And those who wear the veil tend to match their brightly coloured clothing to their veils. So, language learning yes, clothing no.

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