Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It Made My Day

When I get my morning taxi to work I ask to get dropped off at a hospital near our compound, which is probably only a 5 minute walk. Most of the time, the cabbies don't quite drop me off there, but a bit earlier so that they don't have to turn onto the main road. So this morning I was dropped off and soon after I started walking an UNRWA car drove past me and stopped so I jumped in with our Deputy Program Manager. He was so excited as he was just dropping by the compound to pick up the head of emergency engineering and then go to the camp to witness the first concrete being poured on Package I of the camp. He said he wanted to touch the concrete for himself, as if he couldn't believe this day had finally come...reconstruction has begun!!

It Made My Day is another great website that always brings a smile; it's self explanatory really, go and check it out.

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