Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The best laid plans...

Ahmed, Julie and I hired a car for today and tomorrow and set out for Baalbeck. The weather was again, pretty atrocious, so we took it slow, enjoying what little of the view we could see. We came to a junction in the road, a checkpoint in fact, and carried on up the mountain, or so we thought. We soon came to a dead end, and went back to the checkpoint. It turned out that the mountain road to Baalbeck was closed due to the weather so we couldn't go any further.

We stopped a bit further down the road to take in the scenery...


Since it was still only the early afternoon we decided to cross off another thing on the list of things we wanted to see, the Jeita Grotto. So we drove and drove most of the way to Beirut and made our way down another amazing valley to the grotto. To find that it was closed on Mondays. AAAARGH!!!

Since there was still a little bit of daylight, we decided to salvage the day with a cruise through Byblos, an extremely old city full of ancient ruins.

On a warm summer's day, Byblos would be fabulous to wander around, unfortunately it was cold and rainy and miserable, but the view of the ocean was still pretty cool:

Even though our grand plans didn't quite work out today, we all agreed that it was an awesome day. And hopefully tomorrow we can actually achieve our grand plans (taking a different route of course)!!

Oh, and Julie says, "hello to the world!"

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