Monday, November 9, 2009

Baddest DJs on six turntables

With some funding from the Japanese Government to do recreational activities for kids in the camp, we (being UNRWA, no credit goes to me whatsoever) got a Danish DJ we know in Beirut to come up, along with some friends of his, to do a workshop. I thought when we went to the camp last night, we would be seeing the kids show off what they'd learned.

First we had to kick out the wedding reception, with a very young groom and bride who looked like she was struggling under her ginormous dress.

I was wrong about the kids playing. Well, there was a young rapper who was pretty cool

but otherwise it was the Danes putting on a show...3 guys on 6 turntables. It was awesome storytelling, and unfortunately cut short by the leadership.

The kids seemed to enjoy it though.

I was very impressed with the hairstyles in the audiences

and how really really ridiculously good looking some people were! :-)

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