Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tripping to Tyre

I can't be bothered telling you every last detail about our wonderful night away in southern Lebanon, so here are some photos instead...

This was the view from our window at the Hotel Al-Fanar

The view from our lunch table at the Petit Phoenician restuarant...these were very well fed cats

After a bit of a snap (that's a cross between sleeping and napping) we headed out to watch the sunset, which was pretty impressive

and made all the more interesting by this guy and his dog. The dog had a bit of a run around and then we he was called back over, he jumped straight back onto his 'seat' on the scooter

We spent the evening in the Tanit Restaurant, which served no food, only beers and vodka red bulls, and we celebrated the news of my official invitation to be the best 'man' at the Vardy/Cox wedding by throwing Adam a bucks party with Julie standing in for the groom.

We went for a bit of a meander this morning to check out some of the archaelogical sites which were pretty cool. The Romans picked a pretty great part of the world to conquer...

And it only took us 3.5 hours to get all the way home from Tyre, which was a pretty great run of smooth connections! Time to take rest...

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