Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not much going on

Barring the causing of near death by falafel, there isn't much going on around here at the moment. But that's all going to change in just a few short days. My dear dear friend Julz will be arriving on Saturday for 11 days! It's too much exciting. I'm taking some time off work to actually explore more of Lebanon with her, so there'll be lots and lots of exciting reports coming in the next two weeks. But there's still a few days to wait before all that happens...

Anyway, here's a security update from a different part of Lebanon that I thought I'd share with you (I've removed a couple of exact location details). It's always very interesting to read about the security incidents in camps around Lebanon:

Today at 1045hrs, a Palref opened random fire towards Palref gathered next to him as a result four were wounded and administered to Hospital.

In detail: The shooter lives in a home next to the highway in a Camp. The guy wanted to benefit from this location and he opened a stand to sell vegetable goods. The municipality issued an order on Sunday at night and removed the stand. A member from the popular committee visited him and asked him not to cause more trouble as these actions might be reflected negatively on the Palref living inside the camp. Yesterday the ISF attended to check whether the stand in still removed or not, the shooter started cursing and shouting against the Palref as they didn’t support him and tried to block the road; as a result Palref gathered and an exchange of curse language started between the shooter and the people in the scene consequently he took his machine riffle and started shooting randomly. As a result of the shooting four bystanders were wounded and administered to Hospital, the shooter escaped to an unknown area and the ISF attended the scene and started an investigation. The situation went back to normal.

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