Friday, October 9, 2009

No Sunday market this weekend

I got sent a series of security flash reports last night. These are very short emails that quickly update on any security events. A flash report usually means it's something serious, rather than the daily update we get on the situation in all the camps, which sometimes includes things like, "two children got into a verbal argument. The parents of the children became involved and a fist fight broke out. Gunshots were also fired and no-one was hurt."

These flash reports were a little closer to home. There were 2 ENERGAs thrown in one area of Tripoli, and 1 in Tebbaneh. I had to look up what an ENERGA was: a 75mm anti-tank rifle grenade. I'll be staying well clear of Tebbaneh for the time being.

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  1. you haven't lived!! until you feel the wind knocked out of your guts, your window is blown open and you see the smoke from some dickhead that decided killing themselves was better than being a farmer all before you hear the blast, security texts are there to be ignored! :)