Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He (almost) died with a falafel in his hands

Oliver had ordered us falafel sandwiches for lunch today, and it was taking a bloody long time. So he called the place back, and there was no answer. We went on about our business, with me regularly complaining how hungry I was. For some reason as I was walking around the compound, I was thinking about which Australian actors could come to Lebanon like David Morrissey did. My first choices of Eric Bana and Geoffrey Rush were quickly scrapped as they're both a bit too famous. So I settled on Noah Taylor...which got me thinking about the film "He Died With a Falafel in his Hand."

I finished this thought process just as I got back to our container and as I was opening the door Oli said, "he's had an accident." "Who's had an accident?" "The falafel guy. He's in hospital and that's why they weren't answering the phone, they all went to the hospital."

Weird that he was hurt with our falafel in his hands (ok, in the little compartment on the back of the scooter) just as I'd been thinking about it. Poor guy, I hope he's alright now.

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