Friday, October 16, 2009

Carly and Billie Snoop: A Tail

I was excited to see Billie Snoop in his usual curb side position when I got home from work yesterday. I ran upstairs to see if I could find something in the fridge for him, and there was really only some flat bread that was dog appropriate. I went back downstairs and called him over and proceeded to rip up the bread and drop pieces on the ground for him.

He had a bit of trouble chewing the bread, bits would kind of slide out the side of his mouth...I wasn't going to stick my hand in his mouth to check out his teeth though, so I continued the slowly slowly approach. After a while, when we were both more comfortable, I stopped dropping the food on the ground and handed it to him. Instead of snapping it from my fingers as most dogs would do, he very gently took it from me. A gentleman indeed.

After finishing off the bread, I waved goodbye to Billie Snoop to cross the road to the store. I hadn't noticed the two elderly women on the 1st floor balcony above the store watching me. They got my attention and threw down some cured meat (think sort of like prosciutto) for me to feed to Billie. How nice!! Unfortunately, he didn't really like it all that much, but I'm sure he went back for it later on.

I've found a vet in Tripoli so I'm going to try and take Billie Snoop in for a check up tomorrow...not entirely sure of the logistics of it all, but will worry about that tomorrow...

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