Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

You'll remember how I mentioned young boys here play with very realistic toy guns. Well for Eid, the present du jour seems to have been new guns (sawn-off shotguns seem to be the gun to envy). So now there's a posse of around 25 pre-pubescent boys running around the street below in pack formations, chasing each other with guns. And also terrorising anyone who happens to walk down the street by running after them, bang bang bang. They caught the look in my eye and decided not to follow me...smart boys. But it's seriously like the Lord of the Flies...minus the rock throwing and animal killing. I'm surprised they haven't painted their faces.

Oh, and how bout this. I just peered over the balcony to have another look at the skirmish and there's a tiny little girl, barely sitting up in a stroller, caressing and pointing a gun at her mother. Awwwwwww! *sarcasm*


  1. You can't buy real guns in Japan unless you're a farmer in Hokkaido who has to deal with bears. The BB guns are amazingly realistic and you can fork out anything from 10 to 1000 bucks for one. I've been painting pictures of Japanese monsters which will have targets affixed so I can place them along a forest trail and organise a monster hunt with the players using said air pistols.

  2. GJ, that's so totally nerdy! But I'll be interested to see some pictures of these monsters when you're done!