Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday Iftar

When I first got to Bangladesh it was the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and there was a wide variety of iftar, the food people eat to break their fasts, to choose from. Much of this food was only eaten during Ramadan. I haven't found the same thing here, people are supposed to break their fasts with dates, and then the normal mezza like hommus and fatoush, pictured below.

A good size group of people from the office went out this evening to share iftar together, and it was nice to spend time with people outside of the compound.

When I have iftar at home with Yassmin, I don't tend to eat a lot, but tonight I outdid myself. I even tried a dish, that I can't remember the name of now, but it was basically raw mince meat. The colleague I was sitting next to is the head of our health unit, and he assured me that it was safe to eat...and who am I to disobey doctor's orders - it was quite tasty!

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