Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sex with Hitler

It's a catchy blog title, but I'm actually not going to speak about the new German advertising campaign of which the tagline is "AIDS is a mass murderer" and the ads show Hitler (and Stalin and Hussein) en flagrante, which is already causing a lot of controversy that I have no expertise to really speak about. It appears that now is the time for controversial ad campaigns, with a lot of attention draw to a recent ad by MSF, "Boy", which many other bloggers analysed and debated about.

What I will show you here, in typical deep and provocative Carly style, is Hitler's reaction to the news that Oasis split up...some people have waaaaaaaaaaay to much time of their hands, but I'm thankful of that, as I really needed 4 minutes to calm myself down after discovering some finance mistakes in the report that I really, really thought was over and done with three times already!!

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