Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paul + Bill = Tru Luv 4 Eva

The ABC news site has a fantastic article today in which Paul Keating shows off some sour grapes, stating that like Kevin Rudd he too was once praised by Bill Clinton. The article is appropriately titled, "Clinton loved me too: Keating".

At climate change talks in New York today, Mr Clinton described Mr Rudd as one of the most "well informed, well read, intelligent leaders in the world today"...

Mr Keating told The World Today Mr Clinton can pick a top-notch leader when he sees one, adding Mr Clinton had also praised him for being a smart leader."He's got an eye for quality, that Bill," Mr Keating said."He used to think that about me at the time."

Come on now Paul, that's a bit of very sad attention grabbing stuff gave us the recession we had to have, and more importantly, you had a fantastically hilarious musical written about you, so cheer up and let K-Rudd have his special moment with Bill!

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