Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Ash - now with film clip

A while ago I shared with you the "comeback single" of my favourite band Ash, Return of White Rabbit...a bass driven, rocking song. Now comes "True Love 1980", which is the first in their A-Z series. Instead of releasing a new album with the usual 12 or so songs, the band has recorded 26 songs which they will release on a fortnightly basis from October 12. I'm so excited about having 26 new songs over the course of a year, rather than a measly 12 that might take 2 years.

What I love about Ash is their ability to swing between rock and absolute pop. They never reached the heights of Blur or Oasis during the Britpop explosion, but they've continually released albums which covered a broad spectrum of styles...there's an Ash song, no, an album, to suit any mood, any occassion.


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