Thursday, September 17, 2009

In love

I am so completely in love with David Tennant. No, really, totally smitten. And I also love Top Gear. So when I found this video of my David on the show, well I just about melted.

Well done David. If you're ever in the neighbourhood, do drop by for a cup of tea! (For David I will pretend to like tea, that's how much I love him!)


  1. I love Top Gear!! I, however, have no idea who David Tennant is (sorry David Tennant). Have fun having a cup of tea with him though (also being a non-tea drinker, can I suggest Vanilla Slice flavoured tea- it's delicious). jules xoxox

  2. He's Doctor Who!! He's Casanova!! He's adorable!

    Bring me some vanilla slice flavoured tea - we've only got fruity stuff that smells weird...and then when you get to London you can be my David stalker and send him over to me!! :-)