Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogs I'm checking out

There's not a lot going on here right now, I'm feeling pretty good as I should be sending off two reports this afternoon which is even more stress off my back. So, since there's not a whole lot to report, I thought I'd leave you with a few of the blogs I've been reading and enjoying of late:


The Modern Young Lady's Guide to Coups, Contagions & Calamity

Chris Blattman

Tales from the Hood

Roving Bandit

My friend Rich has issued himself the challenge of living on $1 (US$1.25) a day for the next month and has started a blog to track his progress...there have been some teething problems, but you can get in on it now as it's just starting out.

And for a bit of humour, Melinda Forever! - you must read the Ebonoergonomic Keyboard post. Since a lot of my colleagues went and saw Snoop Dogg in concert, there has been a lot of "fo shizzle" talk going on here...

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