Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ask Jenny

As we were killing some time yesterday evening over a beer, Ahmed started flipping through TimeOut Beirut magazine. He came across the "Ask Jenny" column - the sex advice column - and started reading to us. I wish I could transcribe this exactly, but will try to do it from memory:

"Dear Jenny,
I'm a 27 year old female who recently broke up with her boyfriend. We'd been together for 5 months, but had been friends for 2 years before and eventually we started dating. A few weeks ago, we were supposed to have lunch with my brother but he didn't show up. No call, no text. He avoided my calls for a few days. Finally he answered and he told me that the death of Michael Jackson had really affected him and that he needed some time..."

Jenny's response started with the line "my bullshit detector is going absolutely apeshit!" We were giggling so hard at this point, and the old man sitting alone at the table behind us kept looking over at us in confusion.

So guys and girls, if you're looking for a way to get out of that relationship, and feel like the truth is too hard, just tell the other person that the death of MJ, or Patrick Swazye, or whoever springs to mind has really changed the way you see the world and that as a result, you can't be together anymore!

You've got to give the guy credit for originality!!


  1. I haven't actually read about "ask Jenny" (I will soon, promise) but I have more pressing issues: This is a clip of your new pets- they remind me of siblings however the otters are dolphins of the snow. Perhaps you should watch the BBC doco Yellowstone and this jibberish would make more sense!! jules...

  2. phew, I thought you'd been really cruel and had sent me a link of otters getting eaten by coyotes...thank goodness it was only their life sustaining food that got stolen by the nasty coyote!! Meanwhile, how cool is it when it nosedives into the snow!!