Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another letter

Dear Shwarma Man,

You're really awesome. It was really nice of you today to let Yassmin order her delicious shwarma before all the other men in your shop, even if they had been there longer. And it was really nice of you to defend her when they kicked up a stink, by saying that it was because she was a woman. It's nice to see gallantry alive and well.

You must have noticed that tall, chubby dude checking us out. I watched him eye off Yassmin from head to toe, very thoroughly, and then he turned his attention to my feet and started working his way up. Did you notice the look on my face when his eyes finally got to it? I was all like, "what the hell at you looking at punk?" He certainly noticed and had the decency to look suitably reprimanded. You must have seen it, I get that about you, you're very observant.

So anyway, thanks Shwarma Man, for being such a gentleman when we're all surrounded by a sea of eels.

Love, Carly

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