Wednesday, August 26, 2009

There's mess, and then there's squalor

I went to look at an apartment tonight, it's very close to where I am now, three bedrooms, furnished, and a big lounge and kitchen. The only problem, barring the landlord wanting six month's rent in advance, was the current tenant. He was this big fat hairy old man, who was wearing only boxers the whole time we were there, and the place was an absolute pigsty. Friends will know that I can get a little bit messy sometimes, but I do like things to be clean. There was junk everywhere, the kitchen was putrid and the whole place was dirty. There was even a little kitten bouncing around the place, but I didn't know if that was a pet, or if it was like a rat that had followed its nose to the good stuff.

So anyway it turns out that a friend I made here knows the landlord and he's going to see what he can do about lowering the rent etc. One thing is for sure - I won't be moving in there until the place is totally cleaned out and doused with disinfectant!

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