Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Next stop: World Domination?

So apparently, Jollibee is taking over the world...

Jollibee, the Philippines's largest fast-food chain, holds the distinction of having vanquished McDonald's in the Philippines — it's the only chain to have done so anywhere in the world, so the legend goes. It did this not so much by copying the McDonald's menu, but by adjusting its products to suit the taste of Filipinos — a strategy that, for some reason, McDonald's failed to do even when it was clear that it was being stung.

This week, many Filipinos were understandably proud that Jollibee opened its first store in New York. Although there are Jollibee stores elsewhere in the U.S. where many Filipinos live, its entry into New York was significant perhaps because New York — Queens to be exact — is much more culturally diverse than, say, Daly City in California, where a fourth of the population is Filipino.
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I wouldn't say Jollibee 'vanquished' McDonald's in the Philippines. There was a McDonald's closer to my place in Cotabato City than the Jollibee was. I will give credit to Jollibee for trying to tailor a menu to more Filipino tastes though, it was interesting to see such traditional Filipino fair as "spaghetti bolognaise" listed below the cheeseburgers. I only ever had one burger from there, and it was disgusting...beef and mayonnaise just don't go together!!

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