Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Temporary Home Part II

My new temporary residence was apparently built in 1856.
I have a spacious bedroom

An interesting view

It has a lovely garden

Atmospheric corridors

A funky sitting room (perfect for afternoon reading)

And some more interesting corridors

Surprise! It's a monastery!!

Carly the Celibataire is living in a monastery. At first I thought it was a former monastery, but the little laminated sheet in my room tells me that it's a functioning religious house and as such, any couples sharing a room must be married or directly related, there is to be no loud music or noise at any time, modest clothing should be worn, blah blah blah...I really am living in a monastery!!

It's lovely though, and a lot closer to the happening part of town than I was before. But I think a month will be long enough...

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  1. But Carrr-ly, your Dad and I think it a most suitable accommodation arrangement! te he!