Monday, August 10, 2009

Lather up

After a lazy start to Saturday I jumped in a cab and headed for Souk al Adim. The driver eventually stopped and pointed to the left, indicating that that was where I needed to go. I recognised the area from my first attempt to find the souk when absolutely everything was closed. Not the case this time around:

It was a mixture of outdoor and indoor, with cavernous tunnels winding off in all directions

Basically I was very glad that I had no particular place I was looking for (or point I was trying to come out at) and was very happy to just wander around.

Quite by chance, I came upon Khan al Saboun, the soap market I'd originally gone looking for. After passing by all the gold and silver shops I suddenly found myself outside again in a nice little courtyard.

The soap shop was small, and full of tourists. As soon as I stepped through the doorway I was asked whether I spoke English or French and a 'guide' was assigned to me.

My guide was actually very annoying and didn't add much value to the experience. It's only a very small shop, and all the soaps are labeled with the ingredients, so the explanation of each soap ("this one is lavender; it has lavender and olive oil in it") and the pushiness to buy wasn't necessary.

What looked like necklaces were actually 'decorative' soap strands for perfume. I said I didn't have a house to hang one, so I was let off the hook. I ended up with an orange scented ball of soap and went on my way...passing this interesting display on the way out

It's amazing what you can do with soap!

The rest of my wanderings were pleasant enough (you've already seen the post about my high tops, I also bought a nice pair of sandals as well) and it was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.

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