Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Killer K-Rudd

A CNBC anchor has dubbed Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd a "serial killer" for his approval of a cull of feral camels. From this news article, I loved the transcript between Erin Burnett and CNBC's "colourful financial guru" Jim Cramer.

"Apparently there is a billion dollars of meat out there," Burnett said.
"Are they going to do anything with it?" Cramer asked.
"No. They're just slaughtering them," she said.
"That's genocide. Camelcide," Cramer commented.

Watch the report here, and fast forward to 3:15 (I haven't been able to watch it myself so do let me know what you think!). I wonder if 'camelcide' will become part of the common vernacular now...

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