Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy World Humanitarian Day

It's a funny place, this North Lebanon. What we're doing here isn't an emergency response anymore, though we're still providing relief, but it's also not development. It's also not considered 'recovery' yet. So it's an interesting context to wrap my head around, particularly when I try to compare it to something else.

I don't have any prior experience to working with refugees, but I think this is a pretty unique situation: how many other countries have had refugees living in camps (and by camps I don't mean tent cities, these camps look like any other part of the town) for 60 years, that have also had their armies destroy said camps? I haven't done a google search on that, but I don't think I'd come up with much.

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure of the point of that little piece, but today is World Humanitarian Day, which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Tristan has put a lot more effort and thought into writing something meaningful about this, so head on over to Wanderlust to read more.

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