Monday, August 3, 2009

Analyse This

I just checked the analytics for oneyearinbangers, and yet another interesting search term has cropped up: "Mistress Carly". So once again, I went to google to check it out myself. Turns out there is a Mistress Carly in England who takes up at least the first page of results. I added extra words to my search to find out what blog post came up, and it was in relation to our fired maid who always called me "Mistress Carly".

The newest search term for this blog was "countries that don't have snakes"...sounds like someone I know is looking to take a holiday...

Update: Chasing Carly got a hit from Google for "Mistress Carly" as well...(results turn up of this post, as well as the reference to the page on OYIB.)

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