Monday, July 27, 2009


I mentioned a while ago that I'd installed Google Analytics on this blog, to better track where people are visiting from and how they find my blog. I decided the other day to also add it to my old blog, One Year in Bangers, to see if anyone still came across it. I just checked the results and a few people have stopped by in the past of them found it by using the following words in Google:

"blog about sex parlour in Khulshi, Chittagong"

So I had to go and google it myself to see what results came blog is the only one! The link is to an entire month, in which the word 'sex' was used in a book review, 'parlour' in relation to a visit to the beauty salon, and there was no mention of either Khulshi or Chittagong. I feel sorry for the person who was obviously looking for something quite specific and was unable to find it!

The most interesting keyword search for this blog has been "carly and the chocolate factory and other names like this." But the thing that interests me most is where people are reading...the leader board looks like this:
1. Australia
2. USA
3. Afghanistan
4. Lebanon (this probably doesn't count because it's just me updating)
5. UK
6. Japan
7. Philippines
8. South Korea
9. Italy
10. Bangladesh

So really, barring the USA, UK, South Korea and Italy (though I do know a couple of people in the US and UK) - the top ten is mainly populated by my family and friends...but that's ok, it's who I'm writing this for!!

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