Thursday, July 30, 2009


My colleague Oli has just gotten back to Tripoli after getting married to the lovely Sara in Italy, and as such, it was decided that they should have a party thrown in their honour. A surprise party. For an idea that was hastily thrown together in a couple of days, it all went remarkably well. Amrita and Adi were our facilitators in surprise, inviting the happy couple out to a movie. While Adi was busy on the deception front, the rest of us were hastily setting up some decorations in Caroline's lovely garden

We got the call from Adi that they were on their way, and giggling like schoolgirls, hid around a corner, waiting for them to show up. The nervous anticipation was almost as much fun as the moment that Oli stepped out into the garden (almost surprising us more than himself) and we all jumped out with a hearty "surprise!"

It was another lovely evening with great people, in which we ate some fantastic homemade food, topped off by a congratulatory cake and a very ceremonious blowing out of a candle

Perhaps not the most flattering shot, but an action shot nonetheless!

I think I'm really going to love life in Tripoli!

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