Monday, July 27, 2009

Rock in the Ruins

What an incredible weekend!! Adi and Amrita picked me up on Saturday afternoon and we headed for Baalbek, passing over a mountain (about 2000m) with spectacular views...well spectacular before and after the summit, where we couldn't see a damn thing!

The drive through the valleys was just splendid, and we had a lovely late lunch before arriving in Baalbeck in time for a couple of drinks before the concert.

The venue was stunning, absolutely stunning at sunset. The Roman ruins, though not well preserved archaeologically, are extremely impressive. The Bacchus Temple, built 2000+ years ago still stands pretty strong.

Julie and Vardy were there with me to enjoy the fun...

And so was Adam

The Deep Purple concert itself was a lot of fun. I didn't know any of the songs in the first set, but the band was great for a bunch of old guys (even if the lead singer looked like he was wearing tracky daks!)

The encore was fantastic - Smoke on the Water, Hush, Black Night...check out the videos below, and apologies for any bumping around, I was dancing...

After the band left the show, I noticed something flat and white sailing through the air. Then another. Then more and more and more. People had starting flinging the cushions tied to the plastic chairs around like frisbees. The frivolity must have gone on for at least 15 minutes...

we hung around in the courtyard for a few hours talking to various friends, and exploring the ruins.

Five of us had booked in at a private house in a village about 15km away, and we kept meaning to leave early so as not to keep the people up. The first problem was Charlie's car having a flat tyre that couldn't be fixed. Then we spent a good 20 odd minutes driving on the wrong road...we ended up getting to the house at about 2:30am, whoops.

After a lazy start to the morning, Adi, Amrita and I headed back for Tripoli, stopping in at a beach on the way home. The water was gorgeously blue and the perfect temperature to combat the heat of the day. The only problem was there was no sand underfoot, it was all pebbles. But still a wonderful end to a spectacular weekend.


  1. I am so freakin' envious that you got to see Deep Purple. In N. Africa. At some ruins. DAMN!!!

  2. @tales - I don't know where all these Deep Purple fans have been hiding; I didn't know they had such a huge following! And while it would've been awesome to be in Libya, I'm in Tripoli Lebanon.

  3. Well, there it is: I'm officially confirmed as a geography LOSER. Enjoy LEBANON... and any residual pot buzz that might be lingering since the concert.