Thursday, July 16, 2009

Install a Rheem

I headed back out to Nahr el-Bared today to talk to a couple of people about the solar hot water project I'm reporting on. It's a pretty straightforward project, a number of solar hot water systems were installed, using trainees from UNRWA's Vocational Training Centre (VTC).

I was invited into the homes of a couple of women, both with adorable young children, who were both very pleased with getting hot water some 14 months after being relocated to their current 'homes'. There's not a lot more they could say about having hot water, so I won't be including more than a couple of quotes in my report.

I headed out to the VTC, and was pleased to see a lot of young women hanging around in the shade by a basketball court. The school has 175 odd students studying trades or professional courses like business management. Unfortunately, the instructor I needed to speak with had left, but I was invited back next week to sit in a class with the trainees and talk to them all myself - definitely something to look forward to.

The following video is the drive back - I didn't take any video in the camp as strictly speaking, photography isn't allowed so I didn't want to be too obvious. The drive isn't all that exciting, but you can at least get a feel for the area.

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