Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blistering Beirut

I got a lift with my new housemate Elsa down to Beirut yesterday afternoon, who dropped me at Bob's apartment - he's the guy that I first went up to Tripoli with. We hung out on his balcony, chewing the fat over a pizza and some beers. After spending most of the morning inside on the couch, because it was so blisteringly hot outside, we walked down to Germaizey (that's phonetic spelling, I have no idea how it's really spelt), which is home to a long street of popular nightclubs.

We met up with a French friend of Bob's over a delicious lunch of hommus with meat and pine nuts, and then caught a service taxi down to the beach front. The boys were off to have a swim, but I hadn't thought to bring my togs with me, so I settled in at a Starbucks (don't judge me!) with the book I started this morning (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - one I've been wanting to read for ages, and have gotten through 400 pages today!) I spent a couple of very pleasant hours curled up on an armchair outside watching the ocean and devouring the book, and wincing in pain at the new blisters on my feet. The 'formal thongs' I was wearing haven't had much wear of late and unfortunately I'm now suffering with every step.

Tonight is Bob's "emergency party" - he's going home to London for a few weeks and thought it necessary to have a bit of a shindig before he left. I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people.


  1. All this food sounds great, Carly, but is any of it such great value as a certain restaurant in Yarralumla?

  2. Nothing can beat the value of a certain restaurant in Yarralumla! Mmmmm Turkish...*drool*