Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Nicole and I are up in the north of Mindanao for a couple of days, to check out what's happening in the areas our other sub-office is working in. Happily, this Friday is a holiday so we've got tickets booked to head to the island of Cebu.

After spending many hours on the interwebs tonight trying to find a fantastic place to stay, we've settled on a pretty good compromise. Thursday and Saturday nights in a cheap place in Cebu city (we've got an early morning flight on Sunday) and Friday night and all day Saturday at the Alegre Beach Resort...check it out



  1. The "Deluxe Ocean View Room with Garden" I presume?

  2. Ok, we're not splurging that much...I think the deluxe room will be deluxe enough for two gals that have been suffering in Cotabato!!