Thursday, May 7, 2009


The drive to Tulunan today was about two and a half hours, and thankfully, all of it on good roads! But once we got out of Cotabato City limits, the radio station choice became woeful. The show we got stuck with was called YOM...Yesterday...Once...More and it was all power ballads that Haidee was singing along (quite beautifully) to, that I'd never heard b-side Carpenters perhaps. There were two songs I recognised: Roberta Flack's "Tonight I celebrate my love for you"...and the reason I know this song?

From the greatest TV show of all time, Ed.

The second song I knew: "Please don't ask me" by John Farnham. JOHNNY FARNHAM ON FILIPPINO RADIO!!!! Geez the man has pipes!

And just because I found it on youtube, here's my all time favourite $10 bet from Ed

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