Thursday, May 7, 2009

Piggy Piggy

I think if swine flu were to hit the remote islands of Mindanao, it would be because of this guy...

"Well, there's nothing too extraordinary about that pig, it's just a pig," I hear you say. WRONG!! I first noticed a tail flicking from around a corner. Too high for a dog, too low for a cow...what on earth could it be??

I walked around the corner and was greeted by the sight of the most enormous testicles! Comparable in size to this:

And these testicles (I never thought I'd write the word testicles on my blog so many times!) belonged to the biggest bloody pig I'd ever seen. Here's a wider shot to give you some perspective:

I wish there was something else around to give you the scope of this monster. I'm glad I didn't hear him sneezing!

And then I found this little dude...mmmmmm, spotty bacon!

Oh the travel tails I have!

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