Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Movin on up

We had another visit from the lovely Ann from OCHA last night (and tonight as well). Ann's a bit of a softie and has been checking up on the progress of the kittens since she first met them a week ago.

After a few beers (I'll get to that later), we decided to improve the cat house, as it was a bit cramped and the walls were too high for Grandma to get in and out of without jumping on the babies.

So I give to you: the little cats who live in two joined-up beer boxes

Grandma had managed to get herself inside, and was then determined (having seen how the other half lives) to move the babies in there. This involved picking up various kittens and wandering around near the doors with a kitty in her mouth. Then she'd kind of give up on that, drop the kitten and just meow really loudly at us. I took the opportunity of a dropped kitten to give you a bit of a scale shot...still so tiny (even if I do have big feet!)

Anyway, we'd had a lovely dinner for 6, and 6 people drinking beer. So the cans just started piling up...Ann's 5 foot 10 by the way, and this wasn't all of them!

Just an average Tuesday night in the Cote!

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