Monday, May 25, 2009

Mary Mary quite contrary

Nicole's family are farmers, so it's obviously in her blood. A while ago, she brought back some seeds and we managed to find some pots. Finding some dirt was a bit of a problem but she solved it by asking some IDPs for their dirt...seriously...

Step 1: Decide what to plant where

Step 2: Drainage

Step 3: Get dirt (from the WFP rice bag)

Step 4: Introduce dirt to drainage (Mucho Gusto. Igualmente) and Mangy

Step 5: De-lump the dirt

Step 6: Till the dirt (and scare Mangy)

Step 7: Open the seeds

Step 8: Inspect seeds (and comment on how they look exactly like the coriander seeds you buy in the herb aisle)

Step 9: Introduce seeds to dirt (enchante!)

Now all we need is some direct sunlight (and dry conditions for some of the herbs...yeah that's not going to happen here!) and voila! By the time I'm long gone, Nic should start seeing some results!!

And here's a new picture of the kitties...eyes are open!!

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