Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Not much to report really. Worked 11 hours yesterday, 10 hours today...a good portion of that time was spent in the car, the other spent in the hot sun holding a clipboard, interviewing people who've just received their rice rations, or collecting the coupons that allow them to get the rice. I was extremely frustrated today as our implementing partner kept us waiting for about 2 hours, at their office and at the distribution site. As a result, we couldn't get through the entire distribution and got back to Cotabato at 6:30pm; we're supposed to be back in the city by 5pm for security reasons. It's not a big deal getting back late, but it annoys me that quite a few of the IDPs, who'd spent all day waiting in the sun for their rice, have to wait another day to get the ration. I'd be pretty damn peed off by that!

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