Friday, May 8, 2009

The circle of life

We've been waiting for a few weeks for this moment...Grandma finally had kittens! We'd suspected that there was maybe one of two in her bulging belly, but it turns out there were three!!

It's a bit hard to see the third one, as Grandma (yes, I realise it's strange calling her Grandma when she's also a new Mum, but she's Mangy's grandma and Mangy got named first, so the names stick alright???) has her leg over it. But there's a marmalade one, a tortoiseshell one, and a black one. And apparently, according to one of the guards, the same tom that is (apparently) Mangy's Dad is also the father of these kittens (apparently) incestuous!!


  1. Hang on...Mangy wasn't involved in this kitten-mkaing process, was she? So it can't be incestuous unless the Tom also fathered Grandma??? It just means he and Grandma have had two (at least!) lots of kittens...

  2. Ok, you're right it's not incestuous in the traditional sense of the word. The tom cat fathered Mangy with the other marmalade cat, who we call Mum. So Mum and Grandma have both been loved and left by the same tom to bring up the kids while he does he thang elsewhere, dropping in occassionally to meow REALLY loudly and generally make a nuisance of himself.

    So I guess Grandma's new kittens are actually the half-aunts or uncles of Mangy...can that be right?