Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday's all right with me

There was a guy I met in Manila for a briefing who shall remain nameless on this blog, but who was a bit of an all round wanker who told me that I'd be crazy to spend a weekend at home in this country and that I should use my weekends to see as much of the country as possible. Yeah, fair enough advice I say, but it's much easier to do that from Manila than it is Cotabato city. So I haven't managed to have a weekend away yet, but this last weekend proved to be yet another fun-filled couple of days in the Cote.

After spending Friday night watching the adorably terrible "Private Valentine", Nic headed off for most of Saturday with an external evaluation team while I steadily made my way through season two of The West Wing. After picking up the projector from the office for our movie night (still unsure of who might turn up) I set about creating our screen. I pulled out the 5 metres of white fabric out of the shopping bag, and Luce immediately cam rushing over to see what I was doing. Perhaps she though I was going to try to make my own bed properly, rather than taking the top sheet off, folding it and placing it on top of the pillows....

So I explained what I was doing and the two of us managed to get two strips of fabric taped high enough on the wall, and the projector, DVD player and speakers all set up correctly (Ok, Luce wasn't much help with that part...). Nic got home and the first beer was cracked, a toast to the ANZACs, and it took a couple of beer's worth of time for it to get dark enough for the screening. No-one else showed up but we were happy enough with George and Brad in "Burn After Reading". We guessed pretty early on that it was a Coen brother's movie, not too shabby. Peter got home just in time for the second film, "Slumdog Millionaire", which I thought was even better the second time around. And then it was on to Sunday...

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