Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Off like prawns in the sun, like a bride's nightie, like a frog in a sock...

I found out today that I'll be flying down to Melbourne for my pre-deployment briefing and then off to Manila early Saturday morning.

It's nice to know I've got another day up my sleeve to actually put the stuff I've got laid out into my backpack. I haven't had a chance to do that today, I've been busy being creative. Are you ready to see the finished products?? (Oh I know you've been checking all day to see!) Here's a progress shot (yes I absolutely cheated and used a stencil I found online)

After putting another coat of silver first thing this morning, I'm very impressed with the way this one turned out. I will admit to receiving a bit of help on this (thanks Mum!), but the overall design was mine.

And this one, I like its starkness...but it's not as good, even I can see that!

And together, I think they make an interesting pair

Can't wait to see Julz's face when I give them to her tonight!


  1. i *love* the tree and birds, good positioning!

  2. I'm so impressed, Carly! They look great!

  3. And yes I did love them- thanks Carlz.... Jules