Thursday, April 30, 2009

Long weekend madness

Well, tomorrow is a day off, so Nic and I are sneaking out a bit early today to drive 4 hours to Davao City...which to me is sounding like heaven. Good restaurants and bars, nice beaches, good shopping and quite excitingly, a much lower security level. (Ok, officially, the whole island of Mindanao is rated the same, but that's just because certain places are more dangerous than others. Davao, from what I understand, should be rated lower.) Of course, there's always going to be petty crime wherever you go, but that should really go without saying. The point I'm trying to get across is that Davao is such a cool place that I'll actually be able to leave the hotel wearing a dress, and wear my bikini at the beach. And perhaps even stay out after dark!

All this has lead to a pretty exciting build up for me in the office today. And, in celebration of the long weekend, I think the following video clip sums it all up...

We get back on Saturday afternoon, in time for a farewell bash at the MSF house. This is going to be one awesome long weekend!!

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