Monday, April 6, 2009

Imaginary Texts to Emma Part II

You may remember an entry I made some time ago of my imaginary texts to my friend Emma in Myanmar, reminiscent of the texts we used to send each other on long bus rides to Dhaka. Here's my flight to Manila:

- Got a really weird aisle seat in the middle that isn't exactly behind the one in front...
- Woah, big fat dude sitting next to me...he's not happy about his seat, he's whipped out the mobile and is yelling down it (maybe his travel agency??)
- BFD has called attendant over and is yelling about his seat...apparently he'd booked a specific seat and this isn't it. Ew, he just spat on me!
- Oooh, movie starting...roh ohhhh, extremely bad Filipino film...can't...look...away...
- Ok, back to my extremely trashy marine adventure novel (Clive Cussler is a guilty pleasure!)
- Lunchy munchies...gross chicken and rice...typical
- BFD is still kicking up a fuss, I wish he'd stop wriggling around
- Had a nice little nap, time for another movie, fingers crossed....YES! Changeling!!
- Oh this movie is so sad...Angelina is so good though
- Nap time again
- Just woke up and "How I met your mother" has just this show, love Barney!
- BWAH HA HA HA HA Barney is too much funny
- Time to fill out the immigration form. It's got carbon paper on the advanced!!
- Landed safe and sound. Overheard a girl say, "oh, I've missed that smell"...yep, there's that south east asian smell, how's the humidity!!


  1. clive cussler... oh carly! /shakes head

    i'm not angry, just... disappointed

  2. Ah I knew someone would comment on ole Clive, should have suspected it would be you! In my defence, I picked the book up on my last travels where the book exchange options were very meagre (it was the only English book)!!

  3. You're a natural born Twitterer.