Monday, April 20, 2009

A day in the life of...

An old colleague of mine has a fantastic blog Wanderlust which you should check out - it's full of brilliant photographs from his adventures around the world, as well as interesting insights into his life as an aid worker. I particularly liked his recent post "A day in the life of..." set yourself some time to read it.

I'd give you a day in the life of Carly, but today has been excruciatingly boring. Nicole and I were supposed to travel up to the north of Mindanao to assist with the validation of returning IDPs. Unfortunately, at least one explosion damaged a major bridge going into the city, so we took our security advisor's advice and postponed the trip. So my day has consisted of nothing more than reading some reports, meeting a new ICRC representative and reading Tristan's blog. Hopefully there'll be a good example of a day in my life to report back on soon (hint: it will most likely involve gin)


  1. Hey Carly, thanks for the plug! :o) Glad you like the blog. It's been a fun exercise. Looks like we picked up the blog-bug around the same sort of time. :o) A day in the life of... I just couldn't resist. Yeah, a little dramatized, but seriously, the number of people who think I rock up in villages full of smiling brown people and hand out food-parcels is hilarious... Have fun out in the Philippines and enjoy your field-trip!

  2. Hmmmm, I actually have been rocking up to villages and handing out food to smiling brown people!! (Ok, not handing it out myself, but making sure they're getting what the're entitled to!)