Thursday, April 23, 2009


We had an interesting day yesterday, visiting a few different IDP sites in Lanao del Norte. These ranged from absolute hovels to permanent relocations that had amazing ocean views. One of the things that amazed me most was how many of these communities were found in the first place, we drove for a couple of hours, a lot of it on dirt and rocky roads, ending up in the absolute middle of nowhere. And then we were told there were villages that were still very far away, where you have to cross 7 rivers to get there. I'm amazed those people managed to get any aid at all.

It was quite difficult for me to witness the conditions that some of these people were living in and knowing there's not a lot we can do. We're providing food, that's what we do. These people need shelter, protection, proper water and sanitation and planning for future livelihoods. We can pass on what we've seen to other agencies working in the area, but there's not much more than that.

Permanent relocation houses, with amazing views to the ocean. What good is that though when the nearest drinking water source is 15km away??

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