Monday, April 13, 2009

And I think to myself, what a wonderful weekennnnnnnd

I had thought that life would be pretty quiet in old Cotabato town, but we managed to have an awesome weekend. Starting with the beer and karaoke, it was then followed up with an evening of gin and scrabble (where we had to keep a close eye on Peter's score calculating!) and then another evening of gin and beer and scrabble with a Canadian guy who's working for an international NGO here. We also went for a little drive downtown to go to the supermarket (which I was pretty impressed by!) and the local mall (which inspired me to include the video clip below, classic!) where we ran into some of the MSF internationals. It's nice to run into people you know at the mall - even if I was meeting them for the first time.

Yesterday was fantastic. We met one of our local colleagues at the badminton courts and played for 2 hours. I'd only ever really played badminton once, and that was on a rooftop in Bangladesh and I was embarrassingly bad - so bad that my friends really didn't want to be on the same team as me. So I pre-warned the guys yesterday about my playing history, but you know what? I was actually not that bad. I'm not saying I won any games (on my own) but over 2 hours, my playing improved dramatically. And talk about a good workout, my muscles are sore today! Badminton is my new official exercise regime. Good, clean fun!

While it would've been nice to spend the long weekend exploring somewhere, it was good for household bonding and resting up.

Now, as promised, let's go to the mall!

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