Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pottering in Potsdam

Ingy and I headed out to Potsdam today, which is a very quaint little town, and according to Wiki has the same status as Windsor does in England. To get our energy up for the walk that was to come, we downed a ginormous bratwurst each...mmmmm...bratlicious!

which gave Ingy the strength to hoist up a random rhino...ah, zee Germans, they're a crazy bunch!

It was a lovely stroll through the grounds of a massive park, which housed a few very impressive castles. But most exciting was watching this cat watching the matter how much he wanted them, he wasn't going to pounce.

Unfortunately, my lesbian shoes were killing my feet and legs by this point in time (I'd worn them because my other shoes had hurt my feet yesterday, doh!) but nothing, NOTHING, could detract from the awesomeness that was just a short train ride away...IKEA!!! It doesn't matter where you go in the world, IKEA is always a magical place. So magical in fact, that I bought these...

Bright orange slippers! And oh so comfortable. If only I could wear these outside the house tomorrow...

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